Acknowledging and Dealing with Property Conflicts – Human world, which is spread out throughout the globe because old times, has skilled rough modifications in its circulation. People establish in their particular distinctions in skin shade, society, and race, in addition to various methods of life, and various methods of interacting.

When people increase, obviously, a location is had to reside in and continue life, from right below there are declares of area gets by individuals that wish to calm down and incompatibilities because of distinctions in ethnicity, race, and so forth will set off battles.

At today time people are beginning to establish a property title pen, if a private has land, after that a property legal civil liberties certification is required through a paper certification which in its advancement is currently ending up being electronic with digital certifications.

Previously, humanity is still the exact very same, specifically defending and protecting property legal civil liberties, however when an item is declared by 2 or much a lot extra celebrations and both firmly urge, what is called a conflict happens.

Conflicts do have a unfavorable connotation, since it’s specific that conflicts will include disputes and disputes in between celebrations or teams that have a rate of interest in the item of possession, the result which is specific to trigger loss to among the celebrations.

Nobody anticipates dispute, however it could occur when there are celebrations that really feel their legal civil liberties are being removed by various other celebrations. Conflicts themselves could happen anywhere and with anybody, such as conflicts in between people, teams, business, as much as the specify degree.

What is a Conflict?

Acknowledging and Dealing with Property Conflicts

The meaning of a conflict could be stated as a dispute in between 2 celebrations that have various understandings regarding property legal civil liberties or a rate of interest, after that there’s a distinction of viewpoint because of the discontentment of specific celebrations. Conflicts that happen likewise differ, could be accurate or from the understanding of each.

The have to understand the phases of a conflict will objective to determine the origin of the issue and in completion discover a service either by contract of both celebrations or with a 3rd party, however typically conflicts should undergo an independent 3rd party in their negotiation. The phases of the conflict begin with:

Grievance phase (pre-conflict)

Describing the problem of an individual or team that has an unjust understanding of judgment based upon situations, this infraction could be actual or pictured, beginning with the celebration that really feels his legal civil liberties have been broken

Phase of Conflicts (conflict)

This phase is noted by the celebration that really feels his legal civil liberties have been broken beginning a conflict, specifically providing allegations to the opposing celebration and production them familiar with these grievances. At this phase both celebrations understand that there’s a conflict in between them

Phase of Conflict (Dispute)

This phase is from the advancement of the dispute in between both celebrations and has started to be increased generally, conflicts that enhance because of grievances from celebrations and go into the general public area which is performed proactively. So individuals that really feel aggrieved intentionally offer info to the public regarding conflicts that happen.

Reasons for Conflicts

Rahmadi (2011: 8) specified that the conflict happened because of the complying with concepts:

Public connections

This concept occurs from conflicts because of mistrust and team competition in culture, this happens because of unknowning each various other and numerous various other points. The service to dealing with this dispute is to enhance interaction and comprehending in between teams experiencing dispute, resistance should be focused on to ensure that culture could approve variety.

Concept Settlement

This dispute happens much a lot extra particularly due to the distinctions in the mindsets of each celebration or the optimism of each, to deal with this dispute the adherents of this concept suggest dividing individual sensations from current issues, and having the ability to work out.


In this concept there’s an description that disputes happen since there are teams that really feel their identification is endangered by various other celebrations.

The service to this dispute is to perform facilitation by welcoming agents of the endangered celebration with the objective of determining issues and structure reconciliation and compassion. To ensure that in completion there’s acknowledgment of the primary identification of all celebrations.

Intercultural Misconceptions

Disputes that are swarming happen particularly in Indonesia with different societies, also in the exact very same district although there are social distinctions in between areas.

Beginning with a mismatch in interacting with celebrations with various social histories. Discussion in between individuals is required to prevent dispute and comprehend various other societies.


This concept specifies that disputes happen due to social inequality, issues of inequality and injustice that show in elements of social life such as social, financial, political. The service for dealing with this dispute is legitimate in the long-term since it needs architectural modifications to get to a degree of empowerment, reconciliation and acknowledgment of each other’s presence.

Human Requirements and Rate of passions

Since they really feel hindered / hindered by other individuals, This dispute happens since human requirements are not met. The requirements of this rate of passion are split right into 3 components, specifically rate of passions relates to social connections in culture (procedural interests), after that non-material rate of passions such as gratitude and compassion (mental interests), and lastly human rate of passions relates to product points such as clothes, boards, food, and riches (substantive rate of passions).

Disputes that frequently happen currently are substantive rate of passions, really frequently disputes happen in the property industry and conflicts are still frequently listened to in between celebrations and one of the most acquainted are land conflicts, which we’ll peel additional.

Land conflict

Policy of the Going of the Indonesian Nationwide Land Company No. 3 of 2011 specifies that land conflicts are conflicts in between people, lawful entities, or organizations that have wide socio-political effects. Land conflicts occur since both celebrations declare possession of a land.

The reason for land conflicts begins with the mindset of overlook to land management and very own property, obviously, consisting of uncertain accreditation, to ensure that when there are various other celebrations that declare the land, conflicts are unavoidable.

Mr. Sofyan Djalil as the Priest of Agrarian Events and Spatial Preparation/Nationwide Land Company (ATR/BPN) specified that land conflicts are triggered by 2 points, the initially is individuals that very own land however don’t treatment whatsoever regarding their land so it’s quickly taken control of by other individuals, 2nd is tasks from the land mafia. That’s why it’s essential to organize land accreditation for the neighborhood since it offers lawful assurance and will prevent land disputes that will happen.

Situations of land conflicts are enhancing daily, in 2020 alone there were 1,228 situations of land conflicts that should be dealt with by BPN, however they proceed to enhance daily because of different points in the previous as reported by Mr. Sofyan Djalil to Mr. Jokowi at the opening up of the handover of land certifications to individuals of Indonesia practically.

For that reason, people’s understanding of the legitimacy of their land property should be enhanced, otherwise, in the future advancement will proceed to happen, particularly because land is a tactical possession that has financial worth. Because of this, the federal government should likewise be much a lot extra clear in helping the plan of neighborhood land certifications, among the initiatives being made is by granting land certifications to the neighborhood both digitally and literally.

In 2020 alone, Head of state Jokowi has turned over 584,407 land certifications with an overall of 6.8 million stories of land to neighborhoods in 26 provinces and 273 areas/cities in Indonesia.

The significance of land accreditation is to offer lawful assurance to possession proprietors, and to prevent dispute problems in the future, since land problems are rather delicate and include numerous celebrations. What’s much a lot extra, if it’s not dealt with, it’s not difficult that it will outcome in death.

Conflicts that frequently happen, one which is a conflict over traditional land or common land, now there’s lawful assurance that ensures common land as establish forth in the UUPA associating with the land of Legislation no. 5 of 1960.

The legislation concerned acknowledges traditional legal civil liberties or legal civil liberties for neighborhoods to utilize land as traditional land, while it’s shown that the land is still being utilized by the traditional legislation neighborhood and the traditional going worried, or else traditional land could be moved as exclusive legal civil liberties if in truth the land is no much longer utilized and stated as “previous traditional land”.

Previous traditional land could be refined for a certification without initially trading if the proprietor is still the initial proprietor, if the land is an inheritance after that there should be a declaration of inheritance treatments and inheritance.

Production certifications for traditional land in regards to land legislation is referred to as land enrollment for the very first time. This task is split right into 2 kinds, specifically enrollment started by the federal government (systematic), and second of all, started by the proprietor separately (sporadic).

For this kind of self-registration there are a number of actions that should be taken, specifically:

  • Have a letter of suggestion made by the Lurah/Area Going concerning the land to be signed up
  • There’s a declaration of no conflict from RT/RW/Lurah
  • Letter of application from the land proprietor to procedure the certification (could be acquired from the Regional Land Office)
  • Power of lawyer if the administration is offered to one more celebration (eg PPAT)
  • The identification of the land proprietor legalized by a notary and/or their lawyer. Through photocopies of ID cards, household cards, inheritance certifications, and birth certifications (if the candidate is an heir)
  • Proof of the land being used for
  • The sworn statement has made a limit note
  • Copy of Short-term Invoice Letter (STTS) and Letter of Notice of Tax obligations Payable (SPPT) for the present year.

Land Mafia

The land mafia is an unlawful exercise that’s the primary resource of land conflicts that happen in Indonesia with different control methods.

The land mafia could be through people or teams, typically the land mafia targets land that’s still in the condition of girik land, which implies that the condition of land possession is just through a power of lawyer and is typically provided from generation to generation, thinking about that the condition of this power of lawyer isn’t lawfully solid since it has not been lawfully signed up. lawful, it’s simple for the land mafia to control.

Additionally, the bad guy methods of the land mafia are rather orderly, in a number of situations of land mafia arrests there were BPN aspects associated with falsifying information and working together with deceptive notaries.

The traditional setting of exercise is to claim they have an interest in purchasing land, after that with the reason of inspecting they request the initial land certification, after that they’ll misstate KTPs, alter files and so forth, for that reason individuals are asked to beware and not provide their land certifications simply to other individuals.

One more manner in which is exposed is that there are 2 celebrations that claim to remain in conflict over a land property best, although the land doesn’t come from both celebrations, in truth the initial proprietor might unknown anything regarding it and isn’t included whatsoever, among the criminals also has an occupation. as an attorney, with managed situations and with different created files.

The land mafia’s setting of activity will proceed to be checked out and the federal government will likewise be much a lot extra major regarding dealing with this issue. On the various other hand, the general public is likewise motivated to start to familiarize the significance of lawfully legitimate land possession certifications.

Dealing with Land Conflicts

Negotiation of land conflicts doesn’t need to go with a court procedure, since it will take a great deal of time and expenses a great deal, the negotiation could undergo the Land Workplace.

To deal with land conflicts that happen, the general public could make a grievance procedure to the
of the Land Workplace in composing with the grievances area, it could likewise be with the mailbox or the ministry’s site, and the following actions are as complies with:

  • The complaint submit will be sent to the Ministry or BPN Local Workplace, and sent to the Going of the Land Workplace.
  • The components of the complaint include a short summary of the situation being grumbled of, together with a copy of the identification of the complainant, proof relates to the complaint, a copy of the
  • identification of the lawyer, and a power of lawyer if licensed.
  • The submit will be analyzed and if it satisfies the demands after that the submit will be sent to the authorities at the Land Workplace that is accountable for dealing with conflicts, situations and disputes.
  • After being got by the authorities accountable, the following action is for the data to be provided right into getting grievances. After that there will be information collection, witness statement, and recognition. After the outcomes are out, it will be identified whether the complaint is the authority of the ministry or otherwise.
  • If the complaint drops within the authority of the ministry, the outcomes will be reported to the Going of the Land Workplace, otherwise, a composed description will be made to the complainant based upon a number of arrangements, and the job of the ministry is to help with conflict resolution with arbitration.

Preventing Land Conflicts

For us currently it’s likewise essential to understand the development of current advancement, since conflict situations could occur when land that was formerly uninhabited isn’t inhabited, the neighborhood is likewise oblivious and doesn’t truly appreciate the condition of land possession, the circumstance has been made use of by the land mafia to ensure that the circumstance is becoming worse..

The neighborhood should be much a lot extra literate in the legislation to ensure that the assurance of land possession legal civil liberties isn’t disrupted by various other celebrations for whatever factor.

So, to avoid conflicts when purchasing land, you ought to take note of the complying with:

Inspect Land Possession Condition

It’s required to understand that has this land, whether the vendor is a personal individual or otherwise. Land with SHM (Certification of Property Best) will have lawful be risk-free and pressure.

Inspect Certification Credibility

After the vendor programs a certification of evidence of land possession, inspect the credibility of the certification with the regional Land Company, which has the authority to inspect the credibility of land certifications.

Guaranteeing Reliability

Make certain the offering celebration, typically there are 2 celebrations, specifically the designer or a private, if the vendor is a designer you need to inspect the reliability of the business, if a private, ask the regional RT/RW to guarantee the reliability of the private worried.

The worth of land as a property that has tactical and financial worth cannot be rejected any longer. Careless celebrations will utilize different techniques to usurp various other people’s property since the advantages of having this property could be stated to be unmitigated.

By having actually a legitimate certification, you’ll quickly and easily run a company in the realty globe, also when you want to begin a company in the property globe, the main point is obviously guaranteeing the legitimacy of a possession. So, instantly look after the legitimacy of your property possession.

However in some cases there are restricted info that happens, the very best service is to speak with a relied on property representative that currently comprehends the ins and from property legitimacy.

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